Industrial Products

As product complexity and demand grow exponentially, manufacturers of industrial products are seeking out methods to increase productivity and efficiency. As domain experts retire, traditional training methods and static manufacturing and service instructions are no longer keeping pace with a widening skills gap, and front-line workers struggle to remain effective. The result is lower throughput, slower resolution times and higher costs due to errors and downtime.

For manufacturing leaders, augmented reality is proving an effective technology for countering these pressures. Improve the production, training and service processes of your industrial products with Vuforia augmented reality solutions from PTC. Create scalable AR content incorporating real-time IoT and business system data to provide contextual knowledge in real-world environments. AR makes training faster and more effective, allowing workers to be flexible when they operate or repair. Manufacturing and service teams can leverage easily consumable AR-enabled training experiences, animated step-by-step instructions and real-time access to remote experts to improve throughput, decrease repair time, and improve first-time fix rates.

Display of various machined parts

Grind Master Generated Revenue Faster and More Efficiently with Augmented Reality

By leveraging Vuforia Studio, Grind Master was able to build life-size and immersive product demonstrations to promote customer review and approval processes. Through PTC’s AR technology Grind Master was able to accelerate their sales and build a competitive edge.

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GSI Agricultural Storage silos

Industrial Equipment Manufacturer Discusses Success with Augmented Reality

Organizations in all industries around the world are turning to augmented reality to reduce costs, save time, and drive better value for both themselves and their end customers.

Industrial equipment manufacturers are realizing the benefits of AR through training, service, and product visualization. Watch this webcast replay to learn from Lance Brown from GSI, a global leader in agricultural equipment manufacturing, how AR enhanced their business processes.

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Sulzer technician taking a micing measurement on a part in plant.

Sulzer Creates 3D, Interactive Product Demos with Augmented Reality

Learn how Sulzer, one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers, increased their revenue and improved the way they create, operate, and service their products by creating highly immersive, 3D augmented reality experiences.

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Man in hardhat checking settings in piping

Delivering Operational Excellence in Field Service with Augmented Reality

An emerging trend among prominent service management leaders is their intense investment in augmented reality. Watch this webcast replay and find out why AR is a perfect technology to address field service challenges in a variety of industries, including industrial products.

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