The Platform

Vuforia is a software platform for Android and iOS that enables your app to see images from a Vuforia target database on the device or in the cloud. When a target is recognized, your app generates augmented reality experiences, unlocks new functionality and content, or unleashes anything else you can imagine.

What Your App Can See

Using the Vuforia platform, your app can see a wide variety of objects, and we're working on expanding our image detection capabilities all the time. Types of targets include:
Supports English word recognition from a standard database of ~100,000 words or a custom defined vocabulary.
3D Cylindrical Targets
Recognizes and tracks cylinder targets such as bottles, cans, cups and mugs.
Images with sufficient detail can be detected. Examples include images in magazines, advertisements, or product packaging. The Vuforia Target Manager helps you analyze and improve your images to optimize your app's performance.
3D Simple Objects
Simple 3D objects are targets that can be seen from any angle that shows the camera a surface with sufficient visual detail. This includes objects constructed from flat surfaces, such as boxes and product packaging.
User-Defined Images
User-defined images give users the ability to create basic AR elements that work anywhere. It’s as simple as taking a picture of an everyday object, such as a book page, poster, magazine cover or even a painting. User-defined images are particularly well suited for games.
Frame Markers
Frame markers are images that look a little like QR codes but give you the freedom to put your own image inside. They are ideal to use for game pieces or in other experiences with multiple targets that are seen simultaneously.

See it Here, See it There


AR applications today require users to keep the target in view at all times to see the experience. This limits the range of experiences you can build to content that appears on the target at sizes that can conveniently be seen through the device camera. Extended Tracking is a new Vuforia capability that delivers a continuous visual experience even when the target is out of view. Users now have the freedom to follow game play over large areas away from the target. They can also visualize large objects such as architectural models, vehicles and furniture from more vantage points.

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See a Little, See a Lot

Some apps only need to see a few images. Other apps may need to recognize thousands of images or more while integrating with a content management system. The Vuforia Cloud Recognition Service leverages the power of the cloud to give you flexibility and scale.
Device Databases
The Vuforia platform’s device databases enable your apps to rapidly recognize targets. Image databases, which can store up to 100 images, can be included in your app at installation or updated dynamically from a server.
Cloud Databases
Cloud databases allow your Vuforia-enabled application to recognize your image targets in the cloud, giving you the ability to update targets dynamically, integrate with your existing CMS, and manage more than one million image targets for a single app.

Target Management

Vuforia offers both a web app and APIs that allow you to upload and manage targets.
Manage Your Targets
Upload images to the Target Manager, the web-based tool for developers to build a target database. To access the Target Manager, you must be logged in with your Vuforia developer account credentials.
Store Your Content
The Vuforia Cloud Recognition Service allows you to store up to 1MB of content with each of your cloud-based targets. This avoids the complexity of implementing and managing dedicated hosting infrastructure. By using a single query for both recognition and content delivery, you can create more responsive end user experiences.

Cloud-based content hosting requires a Vuforia Web Services account and is subject to fees for commercial use.

See the Future. See it Now.

Augmented reality is not out of reach. Today, Vuforia is bridging real and digital worlds with AR experiences that delight and astound users. And this is just the beginning. What else is possible?
Background Effects
Want to make your app look like an X-Ray machine? How about night vision? Create your own shaders to implement sophisticated visual effects.
Virtual Buttons
Imagine a magazine page that acts like a touch screen. With Vuforia, that is possible. Create virtual buttons that your app can see and respond to on top of image targets in the real world.
Video Playback
Watch static images come alive in full motion video. Vuforia video playback makes it simple for videos to be played directly on target surfaces.
Occlusion Management
Vuforia detects and tracks targets, even when they’re partially hidden behind everyday barriers, like your hand. Special occlusion handling allows apps to display graphics as if they appear inside physical objects.

Supported Tools

The Vuforia platform provides maximum creative control and technical flexibility by supporting a range of development tools.
iOS developers can quickly add the Vuforia Engine to existing iOS projects. If you're building an AR experience, leverage iOS rendering technologies including OpenGL and HTML5.
Android developers can now easily add Vuforia experiences to existing apps using Java APIs. C++ APIs are no longer required, but are still available for use with the NDK.
If you're using Unity to build a game or high-fidelity 3D experience, a single application can be written to run on both iOS and Android with minimal changes. Vuforia is now compatible with Unity 4.3.